Founded in 1893 by Enrique Mariner Gurrea and being present in more than 110 countries, Mariner has become one of the most reputable European companies in the international field of luxury furnishings, lighting and decorations.
During his 120 years of existence, the Company has worked hard to offer to his highly demanding clients a unique luxury experience which, combining craftsmanship, design and centenary tradition, makes singular works of art that remain forever and become emblematic and iconic references in the high style decoration.
An important number of projects done in public as well as in private buildings (palaces, theatres, hotels, embassies, luxury yachts, private residences, etc..) have been witnesses of the Mariner presence around the world. We can highlight among many: the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Capitol of the State of Pennsylvania, the Mosque of Damascus, the Imperial Palace of Tokyo…
Mariner has its flagship in Valencia. You can contact Charly Abdo, S.L., if your interest is to make a visit to it.

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